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Coastal Empire Montessori Charter School has partnered with Sweet Feet Soccer to deliver soccer programming to each student within the Pre-K4 to fifth grade school. Innovative and non-traditional aspects of this programming include:

  • Sweet Feet Soccer coaches administer all classes on campus during the school day.
  • Through the Sweet Feet Soccer curriculum, we use movement and soccer education best practices as a tool to combat childhood obesity and promote healthy lifestyles for children.
  • Through a collaboration with Coastal Empire Montessori School and their fundraising committee, Sweet Feet provides over 300 children with free soccer programming three days per week.
  • Sweet Feet Soccer supplies experienced, licensed, and insured coaches to work with the students at Coastal Empire Montessori Charter School.
  • Our why at Sweet Feet is to empower athletes, families, coaches, and organizations to create opportunities for lifetime success.
  • Sweet Feet Soccer has three developmental values that include:
    • Health for a lifetime: Alter the course of people’s lives by teaching them fitness and soccer concepts at an early age to allow healthy habits to form and continue over a lifetime.
    • Learning is fun: Engage young participants in activities that feature learning and fun to encourage the development of a growth mindset.
    • Establish an environment of independent learning: Encourage children to explore, take risks, make decisions, solve problems, and share their achievements with others to increase self-confidence, enjoyment, passion, and learning.
  • Program focus of character development through reinforcement of appropriate behaviors and promoting a growth mindset.
  • Coaches focus on passion development, energy, and excitement during all lessons to encourage participants
  • Increased programming for younger students that traditionally are overlooked.
  • Increase family time for students and their families at home as we bring the practice to the Coastal Empire Montessori Charter School location.
  • Increased ability to think critically through focused curriculum on imagination and creativity.
  • Daily pictures shared on social media to connect the family structure with Sweet Feet Soccer programming.

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