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About Coastal Empire Montessori Charter School


The mission of Coastal Empire Montessori Community Organization is to operate a public charter school that provides individualized elementary education rooted in Montessori philosophy emphasizing emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development in a nurturing and rigorous academic environment.


To cultivate a diverse, inclusive Montessori learning community rooted in awareness of and respect for self, others, and the environment so that teachers foster intellectual curiosity, students develop cognitive flexibility, and all stakeholders grow together as responsible compassionate stewards of the community.


The school, supported by the Montessori philosophy and method, educates the Whole Child: intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of human development. By nurturing the total development of the child and fostering respect for self, peers, community and nature they will be prepared to take their place in society and work toward a peaceful world.

Core Values

Wonderment: a unique characteristic of childhood is a sense of wonder for our world and an innate desire to learn about the world and how it works. We encourage the child’s joyful exploration and discovery of his /her world.

  • Respect: Self-respect, respect for others and respect for our World provides our Montessori community with a nurturing climate where all persons and the environment are valued.
  • Diversity: We value and celebrate the diversity within our Montessori community and the opportunity to grow in awareness and learn from each other. This requires that we are non-judgmental and accepting of all peoples from all backgrounds.
  • Harmony: We choose to resolve conflicts through compassionate dialogue and when necessary mediation. This requires that, we are honest with self and each other, and that our behaviors reflect the shared values of our Montessori community.
  • Stewardship: Firstly we are stewards of our own actions and the impact they have within our community and on the environment. We value the help and collaboration of others as stewards of our Montessori community and our World.
  • Academic Empowerment: By attending to the total development of the individual we provide a strong impetus for academic achievement. We value the ideas, interests and skills of each person as contributions to our Montessori community and the World

When we build a harmonious community that nurtures wonderment, respects and celebrates the individual, and encourages stewardship we lay a foundation for a life of continual learning.
Ultimately we will...Grow Together in the World.

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